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Gridgen Version 13.2.5 - 23 March 1999

Gridgen Version 13.2.5 is primarily a maintenance release.

SPR 13.0192

Fixed a problem with the Hilgenstock-White foreground control functions in the domain elliptic PDE solver that would work fine in one domain but would diverge in the domain's mirror image.

SPR 13.0193

Gridgen's database import command now recognizes the file extension ".grda" as a network file.

SPR 13.0195

Changed domain highlighting in the Project command so that after projection the entire domain is drawn so that the results of the projection are immediately visible.

SPR 13.0198

Using a GCL RC file with small text enabled used to mess up the blackboard. Not anymore.

SPR 13.0204

Fixed the QuikMenu reminder text.

SPR 13.0208

A problem with the FLUENT/UNS and RAMPANT export filters was corrected that would cause the files to not be importable. If the automatically determined interblock connections were overwritten with boundary conditions, the number of boundary faces was not being computed correctly. Also, in order to decrease the number of zones, all interior faces are now assembled into one zone.