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Gridgen Version 13.2.4 - 17 December 1998

Gridgen Version 13.2.4 is primarily a maintenance release.

SPR 12.0139

For some window managers (for example, twm), Gridgen would highlight the menu button below the menu button at which the cursor was pointing. This was fixed.

SPR 13.0011

The problem with Gridgen's graphical window appearing to lose focus has been fixed.

SPR 13.0081

Fixed a problem in the math polynomial library that would cause meshing triangular domains to fail with when a high node tolerance was used.

SPR 13.0148

Added the correct "no boundary condition" setting in the GASP export filter to prevent Gridgen from failing when exporting GASP files when no boundary conditions have been set.

SPR 13.0164

Fixed a problem with the rational weights of B-spline surfaces imported from IGES files for 180 degree circular cylinders that sometimes caused the surfaces to not be exactly circular.

SPR 13.0165

Fixed a problem in the function that checks whether or not a connector is a pole. This SPR would manifest itself as non-pole connectors that would suddenly collapse to a pole upon Gridgen file import but would un-collapse if a domain using that connector was picked.

SPR 13.0167

Removed a forgotten hard-coded limit of 100 on domains exported for RAMPANT.

SPR 13.0168

Speed up the i/o of binary or unformatted "raw" grid files in Gridgen or PLOT3D format by a factor of 4.

SPR 13.0171

Reduced memory requirements of large IGES models with trimmed surfaces by a factor of 2.

SPR 13.0172

When TFI was applied to a sub-block of a block that had been run in the elliptic PDE solver, the perturbation method was applied instead of one of the base TFI methods. Since the sub-block hadn't been perturbed, it appeared that nothing was happening.

SPR 13.0176

Removing DEC-specific event handling routines appears to fix an old problem of menu buttons getting stuck.

SPR 13.0177

Using the up/down arrow keys to move the scan plan while examining a structured block caused the hiliter to move off the scan plan an jitter around at its last location. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0178

Made significant improvements to Gridgen's performance when importing triangular grids. For example, importing one file went from 8 hours to 10 minutes.

SPR 13.0179

Gridgen is no longer so picky as to require grid points on a branch cut in a triangular mesh to be identical to the 16th decimal place.

SPR 13.0180

Fixed a bug in the calculation of optimal relaxation factors for the elliptic PDE solver that has been in Gridgen since the Carter administration. This bug caused core dumps of the block elliptic solver on Wintel hardware.

SPR 13.0181

For those Windows users without a 3-button mouse, Gridgen was modified to allow simultaneous pressing of the left and right mouse buttons to enable zooming.

SPR 13.0182

Added another feature to the control point creation menu buttons that allows you to place the next control point at a specified distance from the current control point along the vector from the previous to the current control points.

SPR 13.0184

Minor GUI changes. Gridgen now displays the hourglass cursor when it is updating unstructured domains after a connector spacing change. Made sure that the blackboard for the elliptic PDE solver changed to RUN before the 1st iteration begins.

SPR 13.0186

Removed spurious non-integer (u,v) coordinates from the Blackboard window when the hiliter was used on structured domains and blocks.

SPR 13.0188

For STAR-CD export, fixed a bug in the element numbering, fixed a problem with BC export for pinched hexes (wedges), fixed file 14 and 23 problems with baffle cells.