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Gridgen Version 13.2.3 - 03 November 1998

Support for Intel-based workstations running Windows 95, 98, or NT v4 was added to Gridgen with this release. Other than that new feature, Gridgen Version 13.2.3 is primarily a maintenance release.

SPR 13.0122

Fixed a problem in the GUI on Windows where the Examine command would get into a "race" condition which consumed all of the CPU and made image manipulation and button pressing all but impossible.

SPR 13.0129

Fixed a problem with the unstructured solver for blocks that made it impossible to set a maximum tet size less than the size derived from the boundary triangles.

SPR 13.0130

Grids with poles were causing problems when exported for RAMPANT because of problems with wedge elements. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0131

In the Examine command, structured block cells with bad Jacobians were erroneously drawn using the background color, making them impossible to see. The following changes have made: cells are now displayed according to their color as derived from the color ramp, the blackboard text has been modified to indicate the cell types being visualized, a shrink factor of zero causes cells to be rendered using small filled circles to aid in identification.

SPR 13.0135

Sometimes crinkle surfaces for a tet block were rendered in a solid color instead of using the color ramp. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0150

Changed code so that interblock connections are recalculated after any analysis software files are exported.

SPR 13.0151

Fixed another problem with RAMPANT files, this time involving specification of boundary condition regions.

SPR 13.0155

Rectified a build error that omitted GUST from the SGI version.

SPR 13.0156

Gridgen had a problem exporting boundary conditions for INCA when a block face had more than one boundary condition. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0158

Fixed a problem that caused the Edit Face Display command to fail.

SPR 13.0159

Fixed a problem with the Defaults commands for connector distribution function.

SPR 13.0160

Since the time to generate an unstructured domain can be relatively long, and since Gridgen regenerates a domain whenever its connectors are touched, an option was added to the Defaults menu to allow you to specify that Gridgen should not regenerate an unstructured domain's points when it's connectors are touched. Of course, you must then run the unstructured solver manually to ensure that your connectors and domains are consistent.

SPR 13.0161

Changed the formatting of Star-CD grid output to ensure that only two digits are used for a number's exponent. On Windows, three digits were being used and that messed up formatting of the entire file.

SPR 13.0162

A problem was fixed in the domain structured solver that would cause Ortho BC edges to diverge.

SPR 13.0163

Fixed two problems that caused failures when trying to capture a screen image while in the Examine command.