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Gridgen Version 13.2.2 - 16 October 1998

Gridgen Version 13.2.2 is primarly a maintenance release. However, the hyperbolic solver has been further extended to allow the grid to be marched on database surfaces.

SPR 13.0132

Fixed some problems with the GUI that sometimes confused Gridgen as to whether it was creating an unstructured domain or defining the initial edge of a hyperbolic structured domain.

SPR 13.0134

There was an error in the elliptic pde solver's Ortho boundary condition; the pre-conditioning algorithm for making the distribution function monotonic was unstable. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0136

Introduction of the hyperbolic solver in v13.2.1 had also introduced two problems related to the elliptic solver's application of foreground control functions. These have both been fixed so that the elliptic solver works as before.

SPR 13.0137

If one or more database entities had been deleted and then a composite database file was exported, Gridgen would sometimes fail. There was a problem in the procedure used to remove null entities from the database prior to export that caused Gridgen to check the entity's parametrization after it had been removed but before the list had been compressed. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0138

If the Gridgen executable was run directly instead of running it from the shell script as advised, the splash screen would sometimes fail. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0139

There were a few cases where old code for 6-faced structured blocks had not been generalized for n-faced unstructured blocks. This error, which caused failures when adding the seventh face to an unstructured block, has been fixed.

SPR 13.0141

Fixed a problem where the elliptic solver for domains would fail if either of the foreground control function attributes for spacing or angle on an edge had been set to "adjacent" yet no adjacent domains had been run.

SPR 13.0142

Fixed some Windows peculiarities in the file browser.

SPR 13.0147

Hyperbolic solver can now be used to march surface grids along database surfaces. Shape attributes are selected using the same tools as for the elliptic solver.