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End of Life Notice for Gridgen on IRIX 5

21 February 2000 - Gridgen Version 13.3, the current production release, will be the last version with explicit support for IRIX 5, IrisGL, and the MIPS 1 instruction set. Existing Gridgen clients will recognize this as Gridgen's "sgi5" executable.

This End Of Life (EOL) notice will effect Gridgen clients using the following SGI hardware:

  • Pre-IMPACT graphics (e.g. Extreme)
  • Pre-R4000 MIPS CPUs (e.g. R3000, R2000)
  • Pre-IRIX 6.2 operating systems (e.g. IRIX 5.3)

It is possible that Gridgen executables shipped as part of the next production release will run on these older systems. However, their performance is not guaranteed.

All question regarding this EOL notice should be emailed to gridgen@pointwise.com.