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F-16/F110 Engine Installation

This grid was generated using Gridgen at Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems Fort Worth, Texas for the installation of the General Electric F110 jet engine in the F-16 fighter jet. The grid was used as part of a study in which computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used as part of an incremental drag prediction methodology, the goal of which was to reduce nozzle drag in order to secure a net increase in aircraft mission range.

A two-million point, twenty-six block grid was created for the flowfield external to the aircraft and inside the engine's exhaust nozzle. Because the emphasis of the study was on the nozzle installation, roughly one-third of the total grid points were concentrated in the afterbody area. The illustration shows the aircraft surfaces in green, the symmetry plane in blue, and (for aesthetic reasons) the nozzle exhaust region in red.

This study is described in considerable detail in AIAA paper no. 94-0022, "Evaluating F-16 Nozzle Drag Using Computational Fluid Dynamics".

F110 Engine in F-16