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Design and Analyze Pumps with CFTurbo and Gridgen

Pump Design in CFTurbo
1. The pump is designed in CFTurbo. +

Pump Grid in Gridgen
2. The grid is generated automatically
in Gridgen. +

CFD Solution
3. A high fidelity CFD solution
follows directly from the design. +

CFTurbo is powerful, yet easy to use, pump design software that can help you design pumps from scratch or redesign existing impellers. Simply tell it the flow rate, head, RPM, and any (optional) pre-swirl and CFTurbo will automatically generate a pump design. You then have the option of going back and changing any details of the design with CFTurbo's guidance. This easy, but flexible, approach to pump design saves you time and still lets you get exactly the pump design you want.

Gridgen is a high-quality preprocessor for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We have developed a custom interface that reads CFTurbo geometry files directly and grids them automatically. Once your design is complete in Kreila, you can have a complete, high-quality model built and ready for immediate CFD analysis at the push of a button. Gridgen will export the model in the native format of many CFD solvers, including ANSYS CFX, STAR-CD, and ANSYS Fluent. And if you want to add other portions of the flowpath, Gridgen gives you the flexibility to easily do that too.

CFTurbo and Gridgen give you the best of all worlds: easy to use, highly automated design, and analysis with the flexibility to make your own detailed changes when you want. Contact us today to see how we can improve your designs and save you time.

  • The script used for automatic grid generation is freely available from our Glyph Script Exchange: KreilaImport.
  • For more information about CFTurbo see www.cfturbo.com.
  • Download this article in PDF format.
  • CFTurbo was formerly known as Kreila.
  • The CFD solution in this article was computed using CFX.