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Various Selection Techniques

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There are various ways to perform entity-based selection in Pointwise. Let us explore these methods by selecting database entities in this wing-pylon model.

  1. Enable the Database mask.
  2. Try selecting various entities one at a time, by clicking your left mouse button.
  3. To select multiple entities at once, hold down the Ctrl key and click with your left mouse button. Each entity you select gets added to the current selection.
  4. To deselect certain entities from this collection, click on an entity while holding the Ctrl key. This removes the entity from the collection of selected entities.
  5. To select multiple entities at once, use a “drag box”. Click the left mouse button and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the mouse to create a box.

  6. You will notice this little icon by the mouse cursor of a box with a line through it. It means that any entities that pierce this box or are inside this box will be selected.

    Various Selection Techniques

  7. Alternatively, if you wish to select the entities that are entirely within your selection box, you can hold the Shift key while dragging the box around those entities. Try that now with the pylon and store entities.

  8. You will notice that the little icon by the mouse cursor is a box with a line completely inside of it. It means that any entities that lie inside this box will be selected.

    Various Selection-Techniques

  9. If you want to select the wing instead, press Ctrl + t. This will deselect the entities currently selected (the pylon and the store) and select the entities that were not selected (the wing).
  10. You can also select from the List panel.
    1. You can select one entity at a time by clicking on it, or select multiple entities by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on them.
    2. You can click and drag to select a range of entities.
    3. If you click on one entity in the list and click on another entity with the Shift key depressed, all entities in between them will get selected.
    4. You can select all entities of a particular type by clicking on the entity header (Connectors, Domains, Blocks, etc.)
    5. You can toggle selection using Ctrl + t.
    6. To deselect, you can click anywhere in the empty space within the Display window, or you can press Ctrl + d.

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