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Using Advanced Selection Masks

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The Mask toolbar available in Pointwise can help you select the entities you want more efficiently. If you use the additional options available for the Mask command found in Select, Mask, you can narrow your selections down even further to select entities with only certain characteristics.

Let us look at the example below in which we have two structured domains and one unstructured domain.

What if you wanted to select only the structured domains? You could do so using the following steps:

  1. Go to Select, Mask.
  2. In the Domains frame, uncheck Unstructured and T-Rex.

  3. Using Advanced Selection Masks

  4. OK

  5. Note, how the checkbox for the domain mask on the Mask Toolbar no longer has a checkmark in it, but instead a grey square. This square is to remind the user that only the specified type of domains - structured in this case - will be selected.

    Using Advanced Selection Masks

  6. Use a selection box to select all three domains.

  7. Notice, how only the structured domains get selected.

Similarly, let us modify the selection criteria for connectors, so that only connectors shared by 2 domains will get selected.

  1. Go to Select, Mask.
  2. In the Connectors frame, uncheck 0, 1 and 3+ for Domain Usage, leaving only 2 checked.
  3. Try to select all the connectors.

Notice how only the two connectors on the inside, shared by 2 domains, are selected. Other connectors are not selectable.

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