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Creating an Unstructured Domain with an Interior Edge

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Example of an unstructured domain with an interior edge

An unstructured domain often is needed where the points are populated inside the domain except for within a hole in the domain. You can create this kind of domain in Pointwise using the Assemble Special command in the Create menu.

To learn how to create an unstructured domain with an interior edge, begin with a geometry like the example shown below of a pipe in a cube. Unstructured domains have already been created on the existing database.

The goal is to have points populated inside the Outer Connectors but outside the Inner Connectors. Refer to the example and apply the steps to your own geometry.

  1. Click on Unstructured on the toolbar.
  2. Create, Assemble Special, Domain
  3. Select the 4 Outer Connectors to form the first edge of the domain.
  4. Next Edge
  5. Select the 2 Inner Connectors to form the second edge of the domain.
  6. Click on Reverse Edge if the orientation of the second edge is not opposite to that of the first edge.

  7. If the unstructured domain you wish to create contains more than one hole, repeat steps 4-6 for the other holes, always making sure that the orientation of each inner edge is opposite to that of the single outer edge.

  8. OK (Domain is saved.)

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