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Straightening a Grid Curve

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In this DIY exercise we will straighten out a connector that has curvature. Why would you need to do that? Maybe you are performing several grid manipulations or maybe your underlying geometry has a kink in it that should not be there. Regardless of how the connector was created, there is an easy way to make it linear.

To start:

  1. Select the connector.
  2. Edit, Curve.

  3. As you can see the connector has three interior control points. Control points define the shape of a curve within Pointwise - whether it is a database or grid curve.

    By removing the three interior points, you can make this connector linear between the beginning and ending control points. There are a few ways to do this.

    The first method would be to just select and delete the control points individually:

  4. Holding down the Ctrl key, select the first control point.
  5. In the Points frame, click Delete.
  6. Holding down the Ctrl key, select the second control point.
  7. Holding down the Ctrl key, select the third control point.
  8. In the Points frame, click Delete.

  9. The second method would be to delete the desired control points using a selection box:

  10. While holding Shift, select all the interior control points.

  11. The third method would be to delete all the interior control points at once:

  12. In the Points frame, click Delete all Interior.

  13. Regardless of the approach you use, you should get a linear connector in the end.

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