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Creating an Unstructured Domain from a Structured Domain

A structured domain

The Diagonalize feature in Pointwise allows you to easily create an unstructured domain from a structured domain. To learn about the different options for diagonalizing a structured domain, refer to the example and apply the steps to your own geometry.

  1. Select the structured domain.
  2. One or more structured domains can be selected.

  3. Create, Diagonalize
  4. Toggle on Diagonalization Method: Aligned, Best Fit, or Initialize.
  5. OK
Three methods of diagonalizing a structured grid

Notice that the three Diagonalization Method options create different unstructured domains.

  • Aligned will split all the existing quadrilaterals in the same direction throughout the domain.
  • Best Fit will split the existing quadrilaterals such that the new triangles have the smallest possible maximum included angle.
  • Initialize throws out the existing quadrilaterals and inserts a new triangulated mesh using the same initialization method used on newly created unstructured domains.

Diagonalize Creates a New Domain

Notice that there are two domains: the new unstructured domain was created on top of the original structured domain.

  1. Select the original structured domain.
  2. Press the Delete key.

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