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Splitting a Block

Example of a simple cube structured block

The example below contains a simple cube structured block. A block can be split simply with an XYZ location. But there are also several advanced options for splitting a block.

  1. Select the block.
  2. With the cursor, select a point on the block for the split location.
  3. Notice that the plane corresponding to the point selected and the Split Direction will be highlighted in yellow. Click on Delete Last Point if you want to start over with your point selection.

  4. Use the Slide Point arrows to move the point selection to the right or to the left.
  5. In the Split Direction frame, toggle on I, J, or K.

In the case below, IJK = 5 1 5 for the three different split directions. Notice how the highlighted plane changes with the selected Split Direction.

For IJK = 5 1 5, the planes for three different split directions

Other options for splitting a block are available in the Advanced frame; check Advanced to expand the advanced options. You can use IJK if you know the IJK coordinates of the block. If the block is database constrained, you can use UV coordinates for the split location. Once one split location is chosen, the offset options become available and allow you to enter an offset coordinate from the first split location. To change or delete other split locations, hold the Ctrl key and left-click on the split location. Click on OK to split the block at the selected split locations or click on Cancel to exit the Split command.

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