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Selecting Adjacent Entities

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For complex grids, Select, All Adjacent can be a powerful tool which allows you to efficiently select adjoining domains.

We have a propeller blade with a set of structured domains on it. We would like to select just the domains on the hub.

  1. Select one of the domains on the hub and press Ctrl + Shift + A. You can also select adjacent domains by going to Select, All Adjacent.

  2. You will notice that all domains get selected. That is because the Angle Limit is currently set to the default value of 180° which allows all domains to be selected.

    Selecting Adjacent Entities

    The angle limit looks at the angle between adjacent domains. If that bending angle, a , exceeds the Angle Limit, the domain(s) are not selected.

    To select only the hub domains:

  3. Set the Angle Limit to 30°.
  4. Select one of the domains on the hub and press Ctrl + Shift + A.

It will exclude the blade domains and only select the domains on the hub since the bending angle between the hub and the blade domains exceed the 30° Angle Limit.

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