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Removing Excess Control Points from a Connector

Example of a connector with three internal control points Example of a connector with one deleted internal control point

Adding and deleting controls points are often necessary when manipulating the shape of a connector. To learn how to remove excess control points from a connector, begin with a connector that contains one or more internal control points that you wish to take out. An example connector is shown below with three internal control points. Refer to the example and apply the steps to your own connector.

  1. Select the connector.
  2. Edit, Curve
  3. Hold down the Ctrl key and left click control point 3.
  4. In the Point Placement, Points frame, click on Delete or press the Delete key.
  5. The control point is removed and the curve is redrawn without control point 3.

  6. OK
  7. The new connector is saved.

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