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Efficiently Redimensioning Structured Grids

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A structured domain has 4 edges. Each edge can have multiple connectors so long as the total dimension for the edge matches the dimension of its opposing edge. Similarly, a structured block will have 6 faces. Each face can consist of multiple domains, but opposing faces must have the same topology and dimensions.

Let's look at the example below to see how dimension changes affect a structured grid.

If you change the dimension of just one connector (shown in red above), you will see that one of the structured domains empties. The domain still exists, it has just become dimensionally unbalanced.

To balance the dimensions of the structured domain, you can select the connector on the edge opposite to the one just dimensioned and set it to the same number of grid points. This will balance the domain, but can be a tedious process if many domains need to be updated or you have a complex geometry.

A more efficient way to redimension structured grids is as follows.

  1. Grid, Dimension
  2. Select the leftmost middle connector. You will notice all the connectors that will be affected by this change will be highlighted.

  3. Enter 31 for Number of Points.
  4. OK.

Pointwise will redimension all the interdependent connectors in one go and you will obtain updated domains that should look similar to the image below.

This is a much faster way to redimension when you have several structured domains and/or blocks.

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