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Inserting a Segment into a Connector

Example of a 2-segment connector

Inserting a segment into a connector is valuable when you want to edit the shape of a connector without recreating it. Begin with a connector that contains two or more segments into which you wish to insert another segment.

An example connector is shown to the right with two segments.

  1. Select the connector.
  2. Edit, Curve
  3. Selection change from Segment 1 to Segment 2
  4. In the Segments frame, click on the right arrow next to Current Segment.
  5. This changes the segment selection from Segment 1 to Segment 2. An inserted segment will be placed at the beginning of the current selected segment, which will be point A of Segment 2.

  6. Insert
  7. In the Segment Type frame, click on Circle.
  8. Point A has been automatically chosen as the first control point of the circle.

    Segment 3 is inserted into Segment 2
  9. In the Circle Segment Options frame, toggle on 2 Points & Angle.
  10. Enter 180 for Angle.
  11. Click on a point to the right of point A at about the location of point B.
  12. OK (Segment 3 is saved.)

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