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Creating and Using Customized Views

Example of a custom view for a geometry

Working on a particular region of a grid is much easier when using Custom Views. A custom view is a particular orientation that you have saved. Once saved, these views can be restored via the View, Manage Views command.

However, it is not always convenient to go into the command panel during grid generation, especially when changing to a custom view may be desired while still in another command panel. In these situations, having custom views available on the View toolbar makes switching to different views faster and more accessible.

The view shown for the following geometry is a good example of a custom view that allows the user to quickly see the big picture.

  1. View, Manage Views
  2. In the User Views frame, make sure User View 1 is toggled on.
  3. Orient the geometry to the desired view.
  4. Save
  5. Click in the text field next to User View 1.
  6. Enter MyView1.
  7. OK
View toolbar icon for Custom View 1

Now that your custom view has been created, you can add an icon to the View icons on your toolbar.

  1. View, Toolbars, Customize
  2. Check View.
  3. Check Recall User View 1.
  4. OK
  5. The new toolbar icon for User View 1 can be seen in the View toolbar and it is defined by a "1." The user view name assigned to the customized view is visible when you mouse over the icon.

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