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Customizing Toolbars

Efficiency is a very desirable skill when it comes to grid generation. One of the quickest ways to increase efficiency when using Pointwise is to customize its toolbars to contain the commands you use most often. Changing the display of the toolbars so that they are easy to read and find also provides further help. To see how you can customize a toolbar for a specific command, begin with an open application of Pointwise.

Saving a Customer View in the Toolbar

Customized Views

An efficient toolbar customization in Pointwise is a user defined Custom View of your geometry. After you create a Custom View, an icon for the custom view can be added to the View toolbar.

  1. View, Toolbars, Customize
  2. Check View.
  3. Check Recall User View 1.
  4. OK

The new toolbar icon for User View 1 can be seen in the View toolbar and it is defined by a "1." The user view name assigned to the customized view is visible when you mouse over the icon. Click on the icon to see your geometry move to the orientation that you specified for that custom view. For more information on creating custom views, please see Creating and Using Customized Views.

Icon Descriptions

You may also want to add descriptions of the toolbar icons below or to the right of each icon.

Selection change from Segment 1 to Segment 2
  1. View, Toolbars, Customize
  2. Icon Settings, Text
  3. Toggle on Below Icon or Right of Icon.
  4. OK

Icon Sizes

You may want to decrease the size of the toolbar icons so that the toolbars take up less space. This option leaves more space for the display window and task frames.

  1. View, Toolbars, Customize
  2. Icon Settings, Size
  3. Click on the smaller mask.
  4. OK
Segment 3 is inserted into Segment 2

Toolbar Locations

You can also move each of the toolbars for separate menus anywhere above or to the right of the Display window. As an example, we will move the Mask toolbar from the right of the Display window to above it.

  1. Mouse over the Mask toolbar, just above the mask icon, until the mouse arrow changes to the move cursor.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the Mask toolbar to above the display window until the space next to the Attributes toolbar turns blue.
  3. Docking a toolbar with the GUI
  4. Release the left mouse button.
  5. The Mask toolbar will drop into the space next to the Attributes toolbar.

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If you have questions about the steps outlined above or on any other meshing topic, please contact us via one of the following methods.

  • Send a question using the Get Help form.
  • Call our support engineers toll free at 800-4PTWISE.
  • Email our support engineers at support@pointwise.com.