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Creating Groups of Entities

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Groups of entities can be created and used to enable more efficient selection. To illustrate creating and using groups, let us look at the glider mesh below which contains multiple surface domains.

Example of an unstructured mesh on a cylinder
  1. Select the Domains mask.

  2. Menu Bar

  3. Select all the domains on the main wing.
  4. Create, Group
  5. Enter wing for the Group Name.
  6. Apply
  7. Select all the domains associated with the tail.
  8. Enter tail for the Group Name.
  9. OK

  10. We now have two groups that we can easily use to select the wing and tail domains.

  11. Enable the Domains and Groups masks.

  12. Menu Bar

  13. Select the wing group from the List tab.

  14. You can see doing so enables you to efficiently select a group of domains. We recommend creating groups if you know you are going to be modifying or selecting a group of domains frequently. With groups you can easily select multiple domains at once and modify their attributes, solve them, examine them, etc.

  15. Select the wing group from the List tab.
  16. In the toolbar go to Choose Color, Choose.
  17. Enter 0 for Red, 255 for Green and 255 for Blue.
  18. OK

  19. The glider should look like the figure below.

Example of an unstructured mesh on a cylinder

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