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Creating Linear Curves

A linear curve is a line segment that can be created freely in three dimensional space and is piece-wise linear.

How to draw simple lines using 2 Point Curves
  1. Defaults
  2. Make sure the Connector frame is checked.
  3. Toggle on Dimension.
  4. 10
  5. Click on 2 Point Curves on the toolbar.
  6. Linear curves can also be created from the Create, Draw Curves, Line menu. However, after entering the beginning and end point for each connector, Apply must be selected in order to move on to the next connector. Therefore, 2 Point Curves is an easier tool to use when just creating lines.

  7. Click Entity Type, Connector.
  8. 0 0 0 (Point A)
  9. 10 0 0 (Point B, Connector 1 is saved.)
  10. Enter
  11. Pressing Enter again in the XYZ field accepts the current value as the first point in the next 2 Point Connector.

  12. 10 10 0 (Point C, Connector 2 is saved.)
  13. Enter
  14. 0 10 0 (Point D, Connector 3 is saved.)
  15. Click on point D.
  16. Click on point A. (Connector 4 is saved.)
  17. OK

Note that if the beginning and end points of a linear curve happen to be on the same database, the two ways to create a line will behave differently. A line drawn with the 2 Point Connectors tool will automatically snap to the database. However, a line drawn with the Create, Draw Curves, Line menu will not be associated with the database and the line will maintain its linearity.

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