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Creating Bezier Curves

A general Bezier curve with direct slope point editing

A Bezier curve is a curve segment in which the curve's slope is defined by a Bezier control algorithm. The slope of a Bezier curve can be controlled at each control point. However, the slope must remain continuous; if a slope discontinuity is desired, a new segment must be started at the location of the discontinuity.

  1. Click on Curve on the toolbar.
  2. Click Entity Type, Connector.
  3. In the Segments, Curve Segment Options frame, toggle on Bezier.
  4. Click on an arbitrary point in the display window (point A).
  5. Click on a point similar to the location of point B.
  6. Click on a point similar to the location of point C.
  7. See the description below for how to edit the location of a control point before moving on to the next step.

  8. Apply
  9. OK
Example of edited slope control points on a bezier curve

Control Point Editing

There are two quick ways to edit a control point location before a connector is saved by using the Apply or OK commands. The first method simply requires that you move your cursor over the control point in the display window until it highlights in orange. Hold the left mouse button depressed while you move the point to a new location then release the left mouse button. The second method requires that you select the control point by holding the Ctrl key while left clicking on the point. The control point will become highlighted and the XYZ field in the Point Placement frame will update to contain its current coordinates; change the values and hit Enter to change the control point location.

The two edit options above also apply to the slope control points, 1, 2, 3, and 4. See the figure to the right where each of the slope control points was moved in order to change the shape of the curve.

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